Fishing Guides 

We have access to the very best Fishing Guides in Maine. We are happy to put our Guests in touch with Guides so that they can coordinate their guided day(s) of fishing. As an FYI, our Guides are Independent Contractors with their fees varying from Guide to Guide and all Guide payments are to be made in cash. The Guest is, however billed for the Guide's $10 lunch and a daily boat rental whether the boat is a Rideout's rental boat or the Guide's personal boat. There is no boat rental fee if the Guest uses their own boat. Finally; it is customary to pay a gratuity to the Guide which, again is paid directly to the Guide. Make the most of your fishing adventure and hire one of the many fine Guides who work out of Rideout's!

Brian Cain With Bass

Bass Fishing Guide

Paul Cain with Bass