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East Grand Lake, home to great Maine fishingMaine Fishing on East Grand Lake
Location: Northeastern Maine, in Danforth, Weston and Orient (Aroostook and Washington counties).
Length: 22 miles
Width: Up to 4 miles
Maximum Depth: 145 Feet
Shoreline: 365 miles
Acreage: 16,070
Prime Game Fish: Landlocked Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Brook Trout.
Other Fish Present: White Perch, Yellow Perch, Chain Pickerel, Round Whitefish, and Smelt.
Map of East Grand Lake

Sunrise on East Grand Lake, home of great Maine FishingEast Grand Lake Has Some of the Best Fishing in Maine
East Grand Lake is known primarily for its large and numerous landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass populations. In addition, trophy lake trout are also present in large numbers. The lake's outstanding features are the numerous coves, brook inlets and cold springs, which - combined with a healthy smelt population - makes East Grand Lake an excellent source of Maine fishing pleasure.

Three-to-four-pound landlocked salmon catches are common, and fish up to five pounds are caught each year by Rideout's Maine Fishing Lodge guests. The lake's rock-studded coves shelter sassy two-to-five-pound smallmouths, with bass nearly six-pounds landed occasionally.  Our Maine lake trout range commonly from 4 to 8 pounds, but specimens over 20 pounds have been caught in the last 20 years on the lake.  In May of 2011 our local game warden reported that we now have one of the top 2 togue fisheries in all of Maine!  Brook trout are making a comeback, having been reintroduced several years ago.  Our brookies can tip the scales at 3 pounds, and can be taken using streamer flies or with dry- or wet-fly fishing techniques either in the lake or on nearby streams. 

May and June trolling offers the most consistent salmon fishing of the season, and the largest spring landlocks are taken by trolling smelts and streamer flies. In the summer, deep trolling with downriggers or lead-core line is the order of the day. In September, the salmon return to the surface and trolling streamer flies provides plenty of Maine fishing action.

Bottom-bumping spoons through the deep holes is the best warm-weather lake trout technique.

Lovely beginning to another day on East Grand LakeDuring June and July, smallmouth bass are on their beds and respond well to plastic worms, grubs, jerk baits, top-water lures and spinnerbaits. In mid-summer, bass lay offshore in 20 to 25 feet of water. Carolina-rigged lizards can be used for deep-water fishing, and spinnerbaits for top-water action. Surface lures cast near structure are effective early and late in the day.

East Grand Lake offers many locations for excellent fishing. In May and June, salmon anglers should go to Meeting House Point, Little River Cove, Caribou Point, Five Islands and Hayes Point. The islands and area of East Grand Lake between Balm of Gilead Cove and Work Cove on the opposite shore are also excellent salmon waters. In the summer and fall, the salmon are usually concentrated between Meeting House Point and the mouth of Greenland Cove. The deep water between Little River Cove toward the mouth of The Arm is excellent for lake trout trolling. Bass fishing is always dependable in Big English Cove, on Norway Point, and down in The Arm.

From this summary, we hope you're persuaded that East Grand Lake offers some of the best fishing in Maine - or the nation, for that matter. For Rideout's guests, we offer advice and maps for fishing the best spots during your stay. We also offer the services of some of the best Maine fishing guides, who are experienced at helping anglers find fish on East Grand Lake. Contact us to learn more about our traditional Maine fishing lodge vacation experience, which is great fun for serious anglers or the whole family. Check out our popular, full-service Maine fishing vacation packages, which include lodging and American Plan dining!
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