Fishing Licenses & Milfoil Stickers

You can purchase Maine and Canadian fishings licenses directly from the Maine Online Sportsman Electronic System (MOSES) and the New Brunswick, Canada Fish and Wildlife e-Licensing System.   You can also purchase Lake and River Protection Stickers (a.k.a. Milfoil Boat Stickers) from the IF&W On-Line Store...please allow 7 days for "snail" mail receipt of stickers purchased.  Use the following links to make purchases:

Maine Fishing License Link

Canadian Fishing License Link

Lake and River Protection Stickers (for non-resident boats - also called milfoil stickers) Link

Further Information On Fishing Licenses and Lake & River Protection Stickers:

Fishing Licenses: East Grand Lake is an international lake. When purchasing the Maine fishing license you can fish the “main body” of the lake and Maine coves but not the New Brunswick coves. When purchasing the New Brunswick license you can fish the “main body” of the lake and the New Brunswick coves, but not the Maine coves. As a practical matter most folks buy only one license, as the coves in both Maine and New Brunswick are quite small. One exception would be in the spring when many bass fishermen elect to purchase both licenses in order to fish the coves on both sides of the lake (shallow waters = better bass fishing at times).

Lake and River Protection Stickers: All out-of-state boaters must buy milfoil stickers for their personal boats when boating in Maine waters.  Maine boaters pay milfoil sticker fees as part of their boat registration (and therefore do not attach a separate milfoil sticker to their boats).