Fishing Guide Fees 

Our fishing guides (not providing shore lunch) receive $300.00 per day plus tip.   Guides take 1-2 persons per day and provide their own boat, motor and gas.   If not using the guides boat: 1) a Rideout's rental boat may be substituted, or 2) a guest may provide his/her own boat at reduced cost as they are providing their own boat.   See more information on hiring a guide below. 

NOTE:  If you are an American plan customer and plan to hire a guide who guides out of a traditional grand lake canoe and cooks you a shore lunch over a camp fire, please scroll down to that section at the bottom of the page.  

Fishing Guide Details:

  • Per local tradition, guests on the American plan are billed for the guides lunch which is prepared by the Rideout's staff (you are charged $12).   The guide brings his own lunch if the guest is on the housekeeping plan.

  • The guide fee should be paid directly to the guide in cash.

  • It is customary to pay a cash gratuity to the guide which again is paid directly to the guide....typically around 15% of the guide fee (or more, if desired).

  • Bait and tackle, if needed, is charged to the guest.

  • Guides often provide for the guest's use appropriate rod/reel combos at no charge....this can be confirmed in advance with the guide.

  • If the guide is guiding out of a guest's personal boat, the guide fee will be $225 per day, plus tip.

  • If the guide is guiding out of a Rideout's rental boat, the guide fee will be $225 per day, plus tip, plus the normal rental boat rate of $65-$75 (2020 rates) which is paid to Rideout's separately.

Traditional Grand Lake Canoe/Shore Lunch Guides: 

American Plan customers: have the option now of hiring a guide with a traditional grand lake canoe (or large 20' Lund Alaskan) who will provide a high quality shore lunch over a campfire on the beach for 1-2 people.   The rate is $325 per day plus tip.  The guide will provide, if requested, appropriate rods & reels at no extra cost.  Bait and tackle is extra (if excessive).  Additional fees may be added for transportation to other nearby lakes, if appropriate.  Note: A $14 per person per day charge will be added to your American plan daily rate only on the days you are guided, to cover additional shore lunch costs.  Note: When hiring a guide who provides a shore lunch you are not billed for the guides lunch each day at @$12 per day, which is standard with non-shore lunch guiding. 

Make the most of your fishing adventure and hire one of the many fine guides who work out of Rideout's!